This family were all dressed up with nowhere to go after the annual Christmas Day dip in Felixstowe was cancelled at short notice - so they made their own fun.

The family chooses a Christmas theme each year, this year's being full black tie, and planned to head to the St Elizabeth Hospice Christmas Day swim in full-on glamour.

But when the event was cancelled last minute they took matters into their own hands.

Fiona said: "We were all dressed up with nowhere to go, so we said we'll get in the hot tub and have a mulled wine and at least we have done a dip of some sort."

Fiona's niece, who works at at hospice, joined in the hot tub dip, which "wasn't warm, but was definitely warmer than the sea".

The hospice means a lot to the family, Fiona's dad had a space at the hospice but he died before he could make it there, and Rebecca's dad was looked after there.