The plan to end all Covid-19 restrictions on June 21 has been delayed by up to four weeks, meaning we're stuck with some of the rules for a little while longer.

It was announced this evening that due to rising hospitalisations and infections from the delta variant of coronavirus first found in India, the government would not be lifting social restrictions next week.

The current rules will now be in place until at least July 19, before step four of the roadmap out of lockdown can begin.

What was meant to change on June 21?

All legal limits on social contact were set to be lifted next Monday, scrapping the rule of six or two households indoors and lifting the limits on how many people can gather outdoors.

Nightclubs would have been allowed to open and social distancing in venues such as pubs and theatres would have been dropped.

The limit on the number of guests at events such as wakes and weddings was also due to be scrapped.

The restrictions on crowds attending sports events and performances were to be lifted.

What are rules are now?

All the things you can do now, you can still do after June 21. None of the steps are being reversed and the prime minster said the only way now is forward.

You can still meet with friends at the pub, bar or restaurant. While you're outdoors there's a limit of 30 people in one group, while inside it's the rule of six or two households still.

All hospitality and retail facilities are allowed to remain open, including gyms, hairdressers and spas.

Masks are still needed inside shops and when you're not seated inside pubs or restaurants.

All meetings indoors, including private properties, are subject to the same rule of six or two households.

Organised sport is still going ahead and sports events or performances can operate at 50% capacity or 4,000 people — whichever is lower.

Nightclubs still remain closed.

What is still changing on June 21 now step four has been delayed?

Limits on the number of guests at weddings and wakes are being lifted, but social distancing still has to be in place and singing and dancing is still restricted.

Care home residents won't need to self-isolate after leaving care homes and will be able to nominate an essential care-giver who can visit, even if self-isolating.

More of the government’s events pilots are still going ahead, such as the Euros 2020, art, music and other sporting events.

Children can go on overnight trips in groups of 30 people as part of summer residential schools or with groups such as Scouts or Guides.