£21m Travel Ipswich scheme is on the right road but there is a long way to go to improve traffic flow in town

Roadworks on Norwich Road Ipswich

Roadworks on Norwich Road Ipswich - Credit: Lucy taylor

Work on Travel Ipswich began with a fanfare in the summer of 2012 – the town’s residents were promised that it would make life easier for those walk, cycling or using public transport to reach the town centre.

And motorists were assured it was necessary to prevent the town centre from seizing up as the town continues to grow.

However many drivers have been left frustrated by roadworks, new traffic lights holding them up and a general perception that Travel Ipswich is making it more difficult, not easier, to get around the town.

In our survey published in January, 80% felt the town centre was difficult to get around by car and 83% felt it had got worse over the last year.

But officials and politicians at Suffolk County Council insist that things will improve once Travel Ipswich is complete and that without it traffic around the town would have ground to a halt long ago.

So where are we with Travel Ipswich?