The new principal of an Ipswich primary school has praised the community for their role in helping to improve the school’s standards.

Since becoming interim principal a year ago, Kimberly Morton has continued to improve education standards at Piper's Vale Primary School, earning her the full position in April.

In addition to improvements in education and behaviour, the school runs weekly music lessons with music specialists and all PE classes are taught by sports specialists from Ipswich Academy - a fellow member of the Paradigm Trust.

Ms Morton said: "My mission is for this school to be the destination of choice in Ipswich.

"I want these children to have an absolutely amazing education and that's what I saw my role as being."

"The children here are absolutely fantastic. It's always positive and I feel like a rock star when I walk into a classroom and hear the children shout Kimberly!"

Even though she has overseen drastic improvements in the school, Ms Morton was quick to point out that the changes would not have been so successful without the support of the community.

She said: "There were some issues to start with before I came here, but our community are really supportive and champion our school and really want it to be a fantastic school.

"We have a friends of the school group called HOP (Helpers of Piper's Vale) and they are really on board and help work together to make it the best school it can be."

Under her leadership, all year-six pupils have been given a Chromebook laptop to use for study while in school in the hope of giving children the best possible education.

With SATS results around the corner, Ms Morton said: "We have done absolutely all we can, and children have done all they can this year.

"Every school holiday we've had extra additional study and we have extra teachers and support staff working in year-six.

"The year-sixes are really on board, they want to do well and care about their education. They couldn't have worked any harder."

The school is yet to have a visit from Ofsted inspectors since becoming an academy. However it is hoped it will improve on the "requires improvement" rating from before its transfer.