Two brothers from Woodbridge have released a new game, which has caught the attention of Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo.

Sky and Sonny Da Silva, 21 and 22, have created the game Paddles, a multi platform console game.

The game has been developed by the duos' company, Lazyrays Games, and published by Six Kings Games.

The game Paddles, is a party game inspired by ping pong, and can be played solo or with up to four friends, with different levels and a 1v1 feature.

The game took three months to develop, with a further month of negotiating with the consoles.

Ipswich Star: Sky Da SilvaSky Da Silva (Image: Lazyrays Games)

Sky, 21, said: "My brother and I grew up constantly playing video games together, and we would have never guessed we would end up creating our own.

"It was extremely exciting to see the game going live all over the world, it feels like the official beginnings of our careers as game developers.

"To finally be releasing a game in all major consoles is a huge achievement, however it also comes with a lot of stress as we eagerly anticipate the sales and reviews."

Sonny, who has been making games since he was 16, said: "I love the process of making games.

Ipswich Star: A screenshot of the gameA screenshot of the game (Image: Lazyrays Games)

"I’m excited to improve the game for the players already playing the game and can't wait to watch playthroughs on Youtube.

"For all volatile markets, the games market definitely being one, loving the creation process is super important for remaining motivated.

"I’m excited to see what projects I'll get to work on as I’ve entered the market at a young age, there's so many opportunities in a field that keeps evolving and changing."

The duo has also been working on a game called Dino Party, which is to be released soon, and they hope to release more games with Lazyrays Games, including virtual reality games.

Ipswich Star: The duo have also been working on Dino Party, which is due to b released soonThe duo have also been working on Dino Party, which is due to b released soon (Image: Lazyrays Games)

The game 'Paddles' is available to buy and play now on PS4, PS5, Xbox ONE, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch, with a PC release expected at a later date.