An Ipswich artist will soon debut her ground-breaking "relaxed performance" concept to allow performers and artists to be "unapologetically themselves".

Hannah Aria, the founder of Neurodelicious, has invited neurodivergent artists from East Anglia to produce accessible shows for teenagers and adults with brain functioning differences such as autism, Tourette’s, ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia.

The show, called the Neurodelicious Launch Pad, will feature seven local artists who are also neurodivergent, including Virginia Betts, a performer from Woodbridge.

The accessible performance welcomes everyone aged 14+ and introduces the flip of the narrative on “reasonable adjustments”.

Ms Aria said: “We are playfully turning the idea of “reasonable adjustments” on its head.

“We thought about asking non-disabled, neurotypical audience members to let the venue know ahead of a visit what their access needs are, so that reasonable adjustments can be made for them, and seating allocated accordingly.

“The joke being that usually it’s the other way around, of course.

“It can be very difficult for a neurodiverse audience to enjoy a spontaneous entertainment experience, because so much advance research and planning work is usually required around accessibility.”

Neurodelicious Launch Pad also lifts off its debut show by challenging theatre etiquette.

The founder of the show said that the audience can expect a humorous, safe and entertaining environment.

Ms Aria added: “The Neurodelicious live experience won’t leave audiences trapped in a shaming prison of silence, sitting in total darkness or sitting on their own if they are a wheelchair user.

“You can expect tactile furnishings, sensory toys, freedom to move, live captioning and BSL.

“You can stand if you wish and come and go as you please”.

Ms Betts, who will appear in the show as Kate Bush, said: “I’ve found it thrilling even at the rehearsals among this company of performers, all of whom are neurodivergent in a variety of ways.

“To find a collective of like-minded artists, who instinctively empathise because they know what it feels like to experience the world in ways that are considered “different” from the norm, has been amazingly welcoming and inclusive.

“I am so looking forward to performing on this tour, and although this show is entertainment first there is also a strong purpose behind it.”

The Neurodelicious Launch Pad will be performed at Cambridge Junction on Friday, October 7, and at Colchester Arts Centre on Sunday, October 23.

Tickets for the show are now on sale online.