A Suffolk photographer has scooped a prestigious national award with a picture of Felixstowe.

Kevin Williams, from Rattlesden near Bury St. Edmunds, won in the Urban View category at the 15th Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards.

The winning image taken by Mr Williams is called Fully Loaded and is of Felixstowe docks.

He took the photo on his first day out after testing negative post-Covid.

He said: “I had travelled to the dock foreshore at Felixstowe in Suffolk for a fresh air walk.

“On the return, I noticed that it was a high tide in the harbour and the wind was causing some good cloud movement, so I picked up a tripod and camera from the car and set up in front of some old pier posts and focused on the docked ship being loaded.

“I exposed the scene for two minutes, resulting in a diffused sea and streaking clouds in the sky. I only took one image as it worked perfectly.”

Mr Williams said that he is “delighted” to have won the award and have his photos included in the book exhibiting the winning images.

The 65-year-old started taking photographs using cheap cameras as a teenager.

In 2011, with more time and money, his interest in photography returned.

Nowadays, photography is a big part of his life, as Mr Williams is an active member of two camera clubs.

He said: “Photography is important as it gives me a medium to show my creativity to others.

“Good images give me that sense of fulfilment of what I saw recreated and an inner feeling that’s hard to describe other than calming and warm.”

Mr Williams offered a few tips for other landscape photographers: “Firstly, do your research using weather forecasts, tide and sun position.

“Learn about cloud formations and what they can predict for weather fronts moving in.

“Slow down and examine the location in detail and make a plan.

“But the most important piece of advice is to enjoy your photography, the images and your creativity. If you like it, great, if someone else likes it, that’s a bonus.”