An Ipswich top-up shop has applied for additional funding to cope with surging demand for food as the cost of living crisis rages on.

All Hallow's Parochial Church Council on Landseer Road is requesting £3,000 from the South East Area Committee to purchase reserve food stocks in bulk for the winter months. 

This comes as the organisation says demand is currently outweighing stock and capacity. 

Ipswich Star: There are currently ten top-up shops across IpswichThere are currently ten top-up shops across Ipswich (Image: Lawrence Carey)

All Hallow's is one of ten sites set up by churches across the town redistributing surplus food and non-food items to those struggling to afford essentials. 

Residents can access a full bag of food, including a selection of vegetables, fruit, meat, pasta and bread for £2. 

The objective of the top-up shops is "to support the local community and help to alleviate food poverty and social deprivation in Ipswich".

According to the organisation's application, the church has seen an increase in demand due to the ongoing cost of living crisis. 

In September of this year, a total of 162 people were helped - a 35% increase on July which saw 120 residents use the service.

It is estimated that between 45 and 55 customers a week are supported, with the majority living in the Gainsborough ward.

Until September, there has been a 60/40 split between older residents and young families. However, the Church is now noticing a number of younger working customers who were needing to get to a shift after they had finished their shop.

The news comes after it was revealed that more than 600 people per week were using the ten shops to help cope with rising food prices.

Ipswich Star: The shops have no qualifying criteria and no referrals are necessary The shops have no qualifying criteria and no referrals are necessary (Image: Lawrence Carey)

Speaking to this newspaper in October, focal minister for the Triangle Church site, Lawrence Carey, said: "In the last few months we've noticed a dramatic increase in the number of people coming to these shops.

"There are people across every area of society coming to us for help - singles, couples, parents, pensioners, refugees.

"It's up to us to respond to this need and it's vital that we do."

Top-up shops have no qualifying criteria and no referrals are necessary.

People are entitled to one bag per week per shop - though people are welcome to use other sites across the town during the same week.