An Ipswich library taking part in the warm spaces project during the winter months has seen a request for additional funding "to support increasing numbers of the local community" approved.

Gainsborough Community Library, located on Clapgate Lane, applied for £3,316.17 from the South East Area Committee to refurbish and purchase new equipment for its Voices Café. 

The area will be promoted as a warm space for people to spend time in during the winter months, offering its usual services alongside a safe, warm space to stay, rest or socialise.

The project comes as the cost of living crisis continues across the country, leading people to cut back on heating and other essentials.

The Café will be offering free hot drinks and soup from its cafe to anyone who visits to keep warm.

There will also be a 'kindness rack' where people can donate or take warm items such as coats, blankets, and jumpers.

On news of the funding approval, the library's manager, Mandy Grimwood, said: "We're delighted this has gone through. 

"It will help us update the Café and get the essential products we need to serve the community."

Application documents say a significant proportion of the equipment in the Voice Café is over ten years old, no longer working and needs replacing.

The applicant read: "in order to meet the needs of the local community and offer low-cost and free food and drink this winter, the café needs refurbishing with new modern equipment. 

"The refurbishment will enable members of the local community to be able to spend quality time socialising in a warm space, enjoying free or low-cost food and drink.

"It will also enhance the library’s warm space provision and enable the library to support more people during the winter months."

It is expected that there will be over 200 regular visitors returning daily or weekly to the Café during this time.