An Ipswich Town fan has stayed true to his word and named his son after one of the team's stars.

Lloyd Skeemer named his son after Town forward, Conor Chaplin, simply for liking a tweet.

Mr Skeemer posted a tweet just after his son Arthur and daughter Betsy were born, saying 'if you like this tweet, the boy's middle name will be Conor Chaplin'.

Ipswich Star: Lloyd Skeemer with son Arthur Conor Chaplin SkeemerLloyd Skeemer with son Arthur Conor Chaplin Skeemer (Image: Lloyd Skeemer)

As the town forward obliged, Mr Skeemer's son is now called Arthur Conor Chaplin Skeemer.

Mr Skeemer said: "I really like him as a footballer.

"I think he is far too good to be playing in League One. I'm really happy we've got him and he's my favourite player.

"He seems like a likeable, funny guy as well. I like to think of people I would like to sit and have a beer with and he would be great."

Ipswich Star: Ipswich forward Conor ChaplinIpswich forward Conor Chaplin (Image: PA Wire)

Lloyd and his partner Amy Green live in Bromley with their children, Evie, Isabella, Albert, Betsy and Arthur.

Mr Skeemer continued: "I don't think Amy believed I would do it.

"I put the tweet out and just said if he likes it, we are going to have his middle name as Conor Chapin.

"I didn't think he was going to like it and she agreed.



"Then, of course, he liked it and here we are! So if she has any issues with it, she needs to bring it up with him for liking the tweet.

Arthur and his twin Betsy were born on September 5 this year.

Ipswich Star: Lloyd with son ArthurLloyd with son Arthur (Image: Lloyd Skeemer)