Plans to expand an Ipswich waterfront bar have been rejected after noise concerns from neighbours – but the bar's owner said these have since been addressed. 

An application to create create a container-based café bar and awning over the existing outdoor seating area of Aurora Bars and Restaurants Ltd, which occupies the Tented Building in Helena Road, was submitted in August last year. 

A planning statement prepared by Peter Wells Architects explained that the unit would have the same operating hours as Aurora, and so would not have any additional impact on neighbours. 

However, many residents disagreed at the time.  

One resident of Patteson Road said: “This is only going to make the noise in the area worse. This area allows crowds to gather and extend their night out.  

“We do not want to spoil people’s night out but we need to draw the line somewhere.  

Another said: “Aurora is already too noisy at weekend evenings. Security and crowd control also seems to be an issue.” 

These concerns were registered in August, but Aurora director Callum Hewitt said that since then, the business has tried to work with neighbours to address any issues. 

He said: “From time to time, there's had to be lessons we've had to learn, and ways of working that we've had to improve.  

“It's been a long time since there's been any complaints.  

“Working with the neighbours has led to a lot of the problems being resolved.  

“Whereby, you have natural conflict between people who want to use the marina for the night-time economy and also people who are living there.

"We certainly have to work together to make Ipswich a better place.” 

Ipswich Borough Council said: “The site is currently the subject of investigation by the Council's Environmental Protection team after complaints of noise from the residents of nearby flats.  

“The proposed creation of an outside bar is likely to exacerbate this matter and the applicant has provided no assessment of the problem and no details of mitigation of potential noise disturbance.” 

Mr Hewitt said he could not say at this time whether a further application was likely to be submitted in future.