People in Suffolk could wake up to temperatures of 13C on Monday morning as the recent cold snap and freezing conditions come to an end.

Weatherquest, an East Anglian-based forecaster, is predicting higher-than-average temperatures to arrive in the East of England on Sunday evening.

It comes after Suffolk has frozen in sub-zero conditions over the last couple of weeks, with several weather warnings for ice, fog and snow issued in the county.

Snow started to fall last Sunday evening in the west of Suffolk, including in Sudbury and Haverhill.

The temperatures have plunged recently due to the country being hit by an Arctic blast of cold air.

Ipswich Star: Snow fell in Sudbury last Sunday eveningSnow fell in Sudbury last Sunday evening (Image: Newsquest)

Thousands of homes in Suffolk have recently received a share of cold weather payments from the government triggered by the sub-zero temperatures.

Santon Downham even recorded a low of -9.7C over Wednesday night, the lowest temperature in Suffolk since January 2013.

While the cold snap will continue into Saturday, it will be replaced by balmy conditions from Sunday evening.

Chris Bell, forecaster at Weatherquest, said the difference in weather between Saturday morning and Sunday evening will be "amazing".

He said: "The way it's going to play out is that Saturday night will stay cold with not lots of change. 

"During the day on Sunday the wind will start to pick up. There may be a bit of sleet or snow briefly.

"But on Sunday evening the overnight temperature will become very mild. It could be 12C or 13C on Monday morning – it will be a very big rise in temperature.

"It is looking like it will stay mild on Tuesday and Wednesday. As we get closer to Christmas, temperatures will come down again closer to the average.

"It will be amazing how different Saturday will feel compared to Sunday evening or Monday morning."