A Suffolk group has gone from "strength to strength", performing historic re-enactments at events throughout the county, wearing full armour and using swords.

Suffolk Swords is a medieval re-enactment group which meets to learn how to fight safely using blunted swords, while also wearing full armour, reminiscent of the era they are re-enacting.

The group was set up six years ago by Dave Lloyd, after noticing the trickier part of re-enactments was the fighting which needed training.

Mr Lloyd said: "A friend and I set up a small group to do some practice with swords but as he stopped coming along I sort of picked up ownership of the group.

"We've grown and grown and gone from strength to strength.

"Through lockdown, a lot of people started joining the group, we even did some training sessions in Christchurch Park at a safe distance.

Ipswich Star: The group wear real kit as well while trainingThe group wear real kit as well while training (Image: Tom Cann)

Ipswich Star: The groups trainer, Tim BakerThe groups trainer, Tim Baker (Image: Tom Cann)

"It was really good to get together and do something during that time."

The group now do events such as Framlingham Castle, Heveningham Hall and the Battle of Barnet.

Tim Baker, the group's trainer, said: "I met up with a group of friends in Bury St Edmunds and we all wanted to learn historic martial arts.

"We made a deal that we all travel the country and learn with different teachers and we can come back and teach each other what we had learnt.

Ipswich Star: The group in trainingThe group in training (Image: Tom Cann)

Ipswich Star: Some of the members with swords and armourSome of the members with swords and armour (Image: Tom Cann)

"I had done most of the learning and travelling, however, so I was looking for a local club to join and saw this one, and fell into teaching as I was the only one with the experience."

One of the members of the group, Dave Kirkby, has been a member since it was put together.

He said: "I'm a bit of a nerd. I grew up playing Warhammer and now, I get to dress as the characters I used to play.

Ipswich Star: Tim in training with the groupTim in training with the group (Image: Tom Cann)

"It is history too, it is really interesting stuff as well.

"There's a great community here, a great bunch of people. It is as much an activity as a community thing too."

To find out more about the group, click here.

Ipswich Star: Suffolk Swords perform re-enactments all over the countySuffolk Swords perform re-enactments all over the county (Image: Tom Cann)

Ipswich Star: One of the pieces of armour the group haveOne of the pieces of armour the group have (Image: Tom Cann)