Alleviating traffic chaos around a town estate by creating a new access point "would crack the issue at hand" for frustrated residents says the town's MP.

Residents say congestion from the nearby roundabout blocks entry to the area - with traffic spilling from the nearby Lidl and McDonald's drive-thru identified as key causes.

Ipswich MP Tom Hunt has called for action following a visit to Ravenswood.

Mr Hunt said it was "time that the county council listens to local people" and demanded "an additional dedicated access point to the estate". 

Ipswich Star: Ipswich MP Tom HuntIpswich MP Tom Hunt (Image: House of Commons)

"Ultimately, there needs to be an additional dedicated access point," Mr Hunt argued. 

"There may be a significant cost associated with this, but I don’t think any of the other potential solutions would crack the issue at hand.

"This will be expensive, but I’m doing what I can to push for it to be funded."

Mr Hunt said he previously met with the franchisee of the McDonald’s to discuss the issue.

He claimed he was told that the relocation of the nearby Lidl to Crane Boulevard would ease congestion and that a new McDonald’s would be opening in Wherstead to reduce pressure on the one in Ravenswood.

Ipswich Star: Tom Hunt on a visit to Ravenswood with transport minister Mark HarperTom Hunt on a visit to Ravenswood with transport minister Mark Harper (Image: Office of Tom Hunt)

"I was back in Ravenswood recently and it’s clear so far that the relocation of Lidl is making little difference to traffic issues," he added.

"In fact, it’s potentially caused some additional issues."

Mr Hunt was also recently joined by the Roads Minister, Richard Holden MP, who wished to learn more about the congestion.

Speaking after the visit, the Ipswich MP said: "The traffic was pretty bad, and I think he left with a strong sense that something needs to be done.

"What we need in Ravenswood is a second access point.

Ipswich Star: The entrance to the Ravenswood housing estateThe entrance to the Ravenswood housing estate (Image: Google Maps)

"It’s time that the county council listens to local people who are simply not happy with the access issues here."

A spokesman for Suffolk County Council said providing another access would be difficult "without the knock-on impacts and unintended consequences on the highway or residents at other locations". 

They added: "The issue of access to Ravenswood needs to be considered holistically; there is already priority access for people walking, cycling and getting the bus which should not be undermined.

"Going forward, access improvements will have to be considered as part of the plan and application process for any future developments at Ravenswood."