Wedding dresses and suits are set to be dusted off once again as a married couple celebrate their love with a unique charity fundraiser.

Friends and family of Kerry Snell will once again wear their wedding outfits to support a cancer centre at Ipswich Hospital.

Mrs Snell said that she could not fully enjoy her wedding and reception as they happened during the Covid pandemic, so she decided to recreate the celebration with her loved ones in aid of the John LeVay Cancer Support and Information Centre.

Ipswich Star: Kerry and Glenn SnellKerry and Glenn Snell (Image: Supplied)

She said: “Me and my husband got married in lockdown and we could only have 11 guests, which we were very upset about.

“The following year we planned a big reception and Covid hit again. Lots of our friends and family couldn't come as they were too worried about getting ill or passing things onto their loved ones.

“Our friends joked that we should try again this year.”

Ipswich Star: Kerry and Glenn's wedding happened during the Covid pandemicKerry and Glenn's wedding happened during the Covid pandemic (Image: Supplied)

Mrs Snell, who is a teaching assistant, said that she did not want her friends to be jealous that only she can wear her wedding dress, so she decided to organise a charity event where everybody can wear their wedding outfits.

“Three of my friends had cancer. One particular friend who I'm really close to had breast cancer so I said that I would love to do this fundraising night and raise money for a charity that helped her the most.

“My friend told me that there is a place at Ipswich Hospital, John LeVay Cancer Support which is absolutely amazing.

“They helped her with her wigs after she lost hair, provided counselling and good support, so I decided to raise money for them.”

Mrs Snell said that even her parents and parents-in-law will take their wedding outfits out of the wardrobe and proudly wear them for the party.

Mrs Snell's sons will also put on the suits they wore at the wedding.

Ipswich Star: Mrs Snell's sonsMrs Snell's sons (Image: Supplied)

The event, which will take place on February 11 at Woodbridge Town football club, is supported by many local businesses that provided raffle prizes.

Mrs Snell, who lives in Ipswich, added: “I think the event will also tie with Valentine's Day celebrations.

“I want to have a really lovely night for my friends who luckily recovered from cancer, as well as for all of my other friends and family members.

Ipswich Star: Kerry and Glenn's weddingKerry and Glenn's wedding (Image: Supplied)

“Some of them are really excited as they lost weight and their wedding dresses fit them again.”