A man from Ipswich has started his 66 job challenge with a shift at a popular community hub.

Tony Harris announced at the start of January his aim to do a day's work at 66 different jobs to raise money for East Anglia's Children's Hospice. 

He is working one day at each of the companies that hire him, and the day's wages he is paid, he will donate to EACH.

Mr Harris wanted to do the challenge as he also turns 66 this year.

To kick off the challenge he was invited to do a shift at Geek Retreat, in Upper Brook Street, in Ipswich.

For the day he was paid £100 for his work.

Mr Harris, a retired train driver from Rushmere St Andrew, said: "The shift went absolutely brilliant.

"I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

"I was there for nearly eight hours and it just went by in a flash.

"The staff, the customers, everything was brilliant, and I can't thank them enough for giving me my first step on the marathon."

During his shift at the community hub, he made coffees, waited on tables, and hosted a games tournament in the evening.

Manager at Geek Retreat, Gary Scarboro said: "Tony was great. 

Ipswich Star: Tony Harris and Gary Scarboro from Geek RetreatTony Harris and Gary Scarboro from Geek Retreat (Image: Geek Retreat)

"It was great to have him with us for the day.

"We try and do as much charitable things as we can, so we were more than happy to take on Tony here at Geek Retreat for the day.

"I hope he got more than the £100 we gave him with tips from customers throughout the day because he deserved them."

Geek Retreat is going to continue to support Mr Harris throughout his challenge, and have planned a living window display to help raise funds.

They are planning on having groups and people playing games in the shop window for people to watch as they walk past, to help raise funds that way, with half the money going to support Mr Harris, and the other going to Autism Anglia.

Mr Harris has jobs lined up for the future, with one being working on a food van, as well as gardening for people and a bus company in Norfolk.

Mr Harris can be contacted on eachtask4tony@hotmail.com if you or your company wish to help with this challenge.