An application has been made to Ipswich Borough Council to install seven communication hubs around the town, all equipped with a defibrillator.

JCDecaux UK has applied to install these hubs in six locations around Ipswich, with them all being equipped with USB charging ports, WiFi, free phone and a defibrillator.

The areas of Ipswich these hubs could be set up are:

  • 58 Princes Street (opposite the Willis Building)
  • 11 Princes Street (outside Honey + Harvey)
  • Old Cattle Market
  • 58 Westgate Street (outside Pretzie)
  • Lloyds Avenue
  • 37 Carr Street (outside Poundland)
  • Tower Ramparts Bus Depot

Ipswich Star: The proposed sites of the communication hubsThe proposed sites of the communication hubs (Image: Google Maps/JCDecaux)

The hubs also provide wayfinding, rapid connection to emergency services and are all powered by Green energy and lit using high-capacity batteries, powered by solar energy.

In their cover letter to the council, provided with the planning application, JCDecaux said: "Our aspirations align with the council's aim of promoting high-quality design in all developments and in making Ipswich a connected Borough Council.

"This proposal will ensure that people living, working in and visiting Ipswich will have access to the benefits of a digitally enabled society, one that engages with the community and facilitates greater digital interaction."

The hubs come with security measures as well, including an automatic block where the same number is frequently called, the display of warning messages, and the provision of built-in CCTV to record misuse.

Ipswich Star: One of the proposed locationsOne of the proposed locations (Image: Google Maps)

One side of the hub will include the defibrillator and a touch screen, with the other side being an 86" advertisement board for commercial and community use, as well as public announcements Ipswich Borough Council wish to make.

Also in the cover letter, it states: "A network of seven locations would create a comprehensive and rational distribution across the most travelled and active retail centres.

"Each site is set within a high street/local centre setting where the presence of a hub unit would not look out of place."

These hubs have already been installed in cities across the UK, proving successful in Nottingham and Liverpool.