A councillor has condemned the traffic situation outside Ipswich as being "dangerous and shocking" after a boat became stuck in a surrounding village.

On Wednesday, traffic was delayed at a crossroads in Sproughton as a large boat made its way down the high street.

One eye witness took a picture of the boat and said that traffic was being directed through the village.

Ipswich Star: A stuck boat caused delays in Sproughton on WednesdayA stuck boat caused delays in Sproughton on Wednesday (Image: David Butler)

Sproughton is known for having similar issues and, due to its close proximity to the A14, is often included in routes for abnormal loads being escorted through the county.

Suffolk County Councillor Christopher Hudson, who represents the Belstead Brook ward, has spoken of his frustration about the persisting issues that locals face.

He said: "It is a dangerous and shocking situation that has pertained for several years now.

"Before too long, someone will get seriously injured, again."

Ipswich Star: Councillor Christopher HudsonCouncillor Christopher Hudson (Image: SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL)

To tackle Sproughton's traffic problem, he suggested changes to the A14 may need to take place.

He continued: "It has happened time and time again and I don't understand why we can't put a contraflow system on the A14 to alleviate the problems.

"The residents continue to be left high and dry and I am shocked and appalled with how they have been treated.

"It is also ruining the fabric of the road when large vehicles come down.

"They are far too heavy".

In July, National Highways carried out "essential resurfacing work" on the A14 between junctions 52 and 55 which diverted traffic through Sproughton.

Local resident Simon Elmer said at the time: "The street is not made for those type of vehicles, and some of the houses are no more than 18 inches from the road.

"So, there are huge lorries passing people’s living rooms and bedrooms late at night.”

"People can’t open their windows to go to sleep. It’s completely unacceptable."