An Ipswich man has been ordered to pay out more than £1,500 for breaching a noise abatement notice after he played excessively loud music from his flat. 

At a hearing at Suffolk Magistrates' Court on Tuesday, February 14, the Partridge Close resident was found guilty and was ordered to pay £1,539 which included a fine of £200, full costs of £1,259 and victim surchage of £80. 

The resident played loud music from his flat between June and August 2022 resulting in complaints from four neighbours, Ipswich Borough Council said.

He was served with a noise abatement notice on August 9 last year but was found to have breached this on August 28.

Breaching a noise abatement notice is a criminal offence under Section 80 (4) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Alasdair Ross, Ipswich Borough Council portfolio holder for community safety, said: "The message we want people to take away from this is that if people are disturbed by unreasonable noise from their neighbours, the council can and will help.

"The serving of a noise abatement notice is a warning to the offending party to quieten down so that the victim can continue with their life undisturbed.

"If a noise abatement notice is served and ignored, we can and will prosecute offenders in court."