A 44-year-old man who stole and fraudulently used bank cards in Ipswich has been given a 24-week prison sentence. 

David Dennington, of Montgomery Road in the town, was jailed at Suffolk Magistrates' Court after he admitted four charges of theft from motor vehicles. 

The court heard that Dennington was spotted in the town by police community support officers, who alerted officers.

Dennington was later arrested and charged with the offences.

Ipswich has seen a spate of break ins in cars parked across the town in recent months.

Police are now urging drivers to keep their vehicles secure in the wake of Dennington's conviction and sentence.

Inspector Matt Breeze, of Suffolk police, said: “We take these offences very seriously and while we are pleased that Dennington has been dealt with by the courts, we do want to make it harder for criminals to steal from cars and vans.

"There are a few steps you can take which will deter thieves and keep your valuables safe.”