An Italian restaurant chain which has a store in Ipswich has announced plans to close 35 branches. 

The Restaurant Group (TRG), which owns Frankie and Benny's, has announced its plans in an effort to boost earnings by closing loss-making locations.

No details of the branches which are being affected have been released.

The Ipswich eatery is in Nacton Road.

Andy Hornby, TRG’s chief executive, said the closures will be decided when unit leases come up for renewal and that teams will be the first to know.

He said: “Every year a number of leases come up for potential renewal, so the vast majority is where we are going to selectively – and we haven’t fully decided yet, we are going to constantly review the way the sites are trading – exit a number of those, rather than renew the lease for another five or 10 years."

Frankie & Benny's had another restaurant in Cardinal Park before it was closed down in the summer of 2020.