A Just Stop Oil protest has been planned to take place in Ipswich on Saturday.

Supporters of the environmental group are set to take part in a 'go slow' march in the town centre from 10am, starting at Christchurch Mansion in Christchurch Park.

The group, which is demanding that the government stops all new UK oil and gas projects, adopted the slow march strategy in December, in which traffic is reduced to a crawling pace as protestors walk along roads.

A Just Stop Oil spokesman said that the action is being carried out in defiance of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's "recent threat to crack down on the 'go slow' marches".

Ipswich Star: Slow marchers in LondonSlow marchers in London (Image: PA)

Further action is said to be planned across the region in the coming months.

Rachel Bosler, a 27-year-old PhD student from Colchester who will be attending the march, said: “In East Anglia we are still officially in a drought because of an incredibly dry winter.

"This is likely to have a serious impact on the agriculture this region relies on and overall food scarcity.

"We are all at risk and I’m terrified of what lies ahead."

A Suffolk Constabulary spokesman said: “We are aware of a planned ‘go slow’ demonstration by ‘Just Stop Oil’ in Ipswich taking place tomorrow.

"We’re making appropriate operational arrangements to facilitate a peaceful protest whilst minimising any potential disruption to the public.

“The right to peaceful protest is key part of any democracy while balancing it with the rights of others and keeping the public safe.

"If criminal offences are identified, we will take appropriate action."