For older dogs, a forever family is hard to find but for Betty, she no longer calls the rescue centre home.

Betty the Yorkie cross, who was originally named Bessie, has moved into her new home in Felixstowe with her new owners Jenny and Graham. 

She went into the care of the RSPCA Suffolk Central Branch after her owner could no longer look after her. 

Staff at the branch launched an appeal to find her a retirement home last month.

Ipswich Star: Betty enjoying her new retirement home. Picture: Jenny TyeBetty enjoying her new retirement home. Picture: Jenny Tye (Image: Jenny Tye)

Mrs Tye said: "We lost our dog last year but then my husband saw Betty on the internet. 

"Once we saw her we felt we were perfect for her requirements because we are retired, we have the time and we have the knowledge because I have worked with dogs all my life."

Since moving into her new home Betty, who is believed to be 17 years old, has been enjoying little walks, playing with her food toy and even received a haircut from Mrs Tye, who used to be a dog groomer. 

"She adores my husband," Mrs Tye said. 

"He adores her he has always got her on his lap and cuddling her. There is a nice little bond I can see developing. 

Ipswich Star: Betty enjoys playing in the garden of her new home. Picture: Jenny TyeBetty enjoys playing in the garden of her new home. Picture: Jenny Tye (Image: Jenny Tye)

"She is enjoying life, and loves all the cuddles and affection she is getting and loves having visitors.

"She is an inquisitive little girl who loves mooching around the gardens.

"We are so pleased we were able to offer her a home for her retirement."

Zoe Barrett-Lamb, animal centre manager at the RSPCA Suffolk Central Branch, said: “Betty is the sweetest and cheekiest little lady, who absolutely loves being in the company of people, lapping up all the love and affection that she can get.