The closing date for two of Suffolk's Lloyds pharmacies has been announced. 

LloydsPharmacy announced it will be closing all of its outlets inside Sainsbury's stores nationwide earlier this year. 

According to LPC, the local representative committee for pharmacies in Suffolk, two of Suffolk's stores will close down later this month. 

Ipswich's Felixstowe Road store is expected to close on April 22, while Haverhill's Haycocks Road branch will close down the following day. 

The pharmacy chain said it has cut the services following a strategic review "in response to changing market conditions".

The company also has branches in Bury St Edmunds and Sudbury, but a closing date for these stores is yet to be announced. 

Kevin Birch, chief executive officer of LloydsPharmacy, said: "This decision has not been an easy one and we understand that our patients and customers may have questions about how the change will affect them.

"I am very grateful to all our colleagues for their dedication to our patients, customers and communities.”