Kesgrave will no longer have a police community support officer, with neighbourhood policing provided by officers from local towns. 

During the Kesgrave annual town meeting, community engagement officer Hannah Canning announced the duty will now be provided by officers based at the local Safer Neighbourhood Teams at Heath Road, Ipswich and Woodbridge. 

Police community support officers work with police officers and share some of their powers, including giving a fixed-penalty notice, demanding the name and address of someone being anti-social, and taking alcohol off a person aged under 18. 

In 2009, the Rushmere St Andrew parish council voted to partially fund what was officially known as a match-funded police community support officer. 

Ipswich Star: Kesgrave town council, NewsquestKesgrave town council, Newsquest (Image: Newsquest)

The part funding was in conjunction with Kesgrave town council, which provided two-thirds of the money, with Rushmere council providing one third of the total cost of keeping the PCSO on the beat. 

The police also fund the training, uniform and equipment for the officers. 

The PCSO shared his time exclusively between Kesgrave (two-thirds) and Rushmere St Andrew (one-third).  

A spokesperson for Kesgrave Town Council said: "The level of policing in Kesgrave remains unchanged.  

"Kesgrave town council and Rushmere St Andrew jointly funded a part-time PCSO post. 

"Rushmere St Andrew no longer wished to continue with this agreement when the current Service Level Agreement finished in March 2023. 

"Kesgrave town council were unable to secure another partner, therefore making a full-time PCSO post unviable."

The community engagement officer will continue to attend the drop-in sessions at Kesgrave Library, offering advice, crime prevention information and speaking to residents about any of their concerns. 

Young residents are also welcome to attend the meetings and talk about their issues. 

Over the last year, there have been incidents of anti-social behaviour reported, involving young people. 

The officers ask residents to report any anti-social behaviour and work together with the police to reduce the issue.