Restaurants come and go in Ipswich - but some really left their mark on local foodies.

We asked our readers what restaurants they would like to bring back to the town if they could.

Here are seven of the most popular responses...


By far the most popular response we received was Clowns Restaurant, which was once located in Falcon Street.

It was the place to go for American-style cuisine and has since been the home of The Brasserie and The Lantern Chinese Restaurant.

Noble Romans

Ipswich Star: White Stuff now occupies the unit where Noble Romans once stoodWhite Stuff now occupies the unit where Noble Romans once stood (Image: Google Maps)

Another common reply was Noble Romans, which brought Italian food to Ipswich town centre.

The pizzeria was a staple of the Buttermarket street but the unit is now occupied by White Stuff.

Fatty Arbuckles

Ipswich Star: Arbuckles on the Euro Retail Park, Ransomes Way, IpswichArbuckles on the Euro Retail Park, Ransomes Way, Ipswich (Image: John Kerr)

Opening its doors in 1996, Fatty Arbuckles offered vast portions of American diner food at affordable prices.

After closing in the early 2000s, the site at Ransomes Europark has since hosted a Pizza Hut and now a Nando's.

Aqua Eight

Ipswich Star: Aqua Eight in Lion Street, IpswichAqua Eight in Lion Street, Ipswich (Image: Newsquest)

Aqua Eight went into liquidation in 2020 in the midst of the Covid pandemic.

When the closure was revealed, readers reacted with sadness upon hearing the news.

The Baipo

Ipswich Star: The Baipo Thai Restaurant, Upper Orwell Street, IpswichThe Baipo Thai Restaurant, Upper Orwell Street, Ipswich (Image: Archant)

The Baipo brought Thai food to Ipswich for almost 20 years before it finally shut its doors for good in 2016.

The restaurant was located in Upper Orwell Street.


Marno's was unique in Ipswich for a long time as it was the only vegetarian restaurant for miles.

It was located at 14 St Nicholas Street and the space is now used by the highly popular Kwan Thai restaurant.

Big Daddy's

Starting in 1980, Big Daddy's offered an American diner experience a long time before it became common in the UK.

It was found in Museum Street and famed for its burgers and Bud deal.