Three men who attacked a man in Felixstowe after chasing after him with weapons including a Samurai sword and a machete will be sentenced today.

The group were caught on CCTV chasing the victim, who was carrying a claw hammer, along Coronation Drive and Elizabeth Way before frogmarching him into a car, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

The car was then driven by the victim along the A14 before being stopped by police in the Nacton area of Ipswich.

The court heard that the victim, who was hit with a hammer during the incident, had declined to cooperate with police about the incident.

Before the court were Nolan Akuoko, 19, of Faraday Road, Ipswich, Keon Graham, 23, of no fixed address and Jerome Greaves, 23, of Highfield Road, Felixstowe.

They admitted violent disorder and possession of an offensive weapon in Felixstowe on December 28, 2020.

Also before the court were Kai Mangar, 19, of Brunswick Road, Ipswich, Dylan Craft, of Mill Lane, Felixstowe, and Eliot Sadler, 18, of Nacton Road, Ipswich who were arrested along with Akuoko after a 17-year-old youth was kidnapped and robbed in Woodbridge in December 2021.

Mangar, Craft and Akuoko denied kidnapping and robbery but were found guilty after a trial last summer. 

Sadler denied robbery and kidnapping and was convicted of kidnapping but cleared of robbery.

Greaves also admitted being concerned in the supply of heroin and crack cocaine between January and March last year which related to him holding the county lines “Saviour” drug line.

The court heard that the victim of the kidnapping and robbery was lured to Fen Meadow in Woodbridge by Sadler and bundled into the back of the VW Polo, where he was robbed of his coat, a fake Rolex watch and cash during an hour-long ordeal.

Laura Kenyon, prosecuting, said that prior to the incident the victim had posted pictures of himself with a graph on Instagram showing how £35,000 of Bitcoin was faring on the market.

“He created the impression he was the owner of £35,000 of Bitcoin,” said Miss Kenyon.

She said that after being bundled into the car he claimed he was hit with a hammer by Mangar and hit over the head with the handle of a knife by Akuoku.

He also claimed Mangar had put his hands round his neck and threatened to kill him.

The court heard that the victim’s ID was used to transfer £500 out of it.

Oliver Haswell, for Graham, said there was a short-lived pursuit of the victim in the Felixstowe violent disorder and no members of the public had been in the street at the time.

He said the incident only lasted a few minutes and no injury was caused by the machete carried by his client, who had spent 453 days in custody.

Mitchell Cohen, for Akuoko, said he’d been in custody since December 2021.

He said the victim, who was carrying a hammer during the violent disorder, was known to the defendant and there was a history of bad feeling between them.

The court heard that Mangar had no previous convictions and came from an exceptionally good family which was well known in the local community.

He said Mangar had been in custody since July and was keen to continue his bricklaying apprenticeship on his release.

The court heard Kraft’s father was murdered when he was four and he described himself as “dumb” for getting involved in the robbery and kidnapping.

He’d been in custody for ten months.

Steven Dyble, for Greaves, said he had been in custody for a year. 

He said Sadler was 17 when he became involved in the Woodbridge kidnapping and hadn’t been in the car when the victim was assaulted and robbed.

All six defendants will be sentenced later on Wednesday.