A Lloyds bank in Ipswich has closed for good. 

On May 4, the Bramford Road Lloyds shut its doors for the final time and became the latest in a series of bank branch closures across Suffolk.

In January, Lloyds Banking Group, which owns both Lloyds and Halifax, announced 40 bank branches were to be lost from the UK's high streets - including the Bramford Road location.

The company still has a bank in the town at the Cornhill. 

The news came as banks across the country scaled back their branch networks.

Lloyds Banking Group previously said the branches to be closed saw the number of visits drop by about 60% on average in the last five years.

A spokesman said: “Branches play an important part in our strategy but we need to have them in the right places, where they are well-used.

“We’ll continue to invest in branches that are being used regularly, alongside our online, mobile app and telephone services.”