A man who claimed he was being harassed by police and used threatening and foul language against a Suffolk police call handler has been fined. 

Shaun Riches, 31, of Leighton Square, Ipswich, pleaded guilty to using malicious communications against a call handler at Suffolk Magistrates' Court on Monday. 

It followed an incident which took place on February 2. 

Riches made a call to the Suffolk police Control Room to complain he was being harassed by police and was receiving unwanted contact from the Central Ticket Office. 

During the call, Riches started shouting and using threatening and foul language.

He was ordered to pay a £40 fine and £16 victim surcharge.

Inspector Ali Newman, of Suffolk police, said: “Our control room operators provide a critical service to maintaining public safety and are well-trained to answer calls from members of the public in a vast range of scenarios.

“Riches’ use of threatening and foul language to a call handler was completely inexcusable, and calling the 999 emergency line to be abusive is something we simply will not tolerate."