If you have a free evening, or even if you already have plans, cancel them and go see the new Ipswich comedy club. 

This fresh and exciting idea came to our town thanks to actor and comedian Omid Djalili. 

Tractor and Kebab Ipswich monthly comedy club launched on Thursday, and from start to finish, it was filled with a great atmosphere and even better jokes. 

It was so heartwarming to see Omid being proud that he is now a part of our community, and that he really enjoys living in Ipswich. 

The first Ipswich comedy club proved that his taste for comedy is incredibly good. 

The stand-up comedians Omid invited, Mike Gunn, Maureen Younger and Boothby Graffoe, were brilliant, and the audience could not stop laughing even for a minute.  

Omid’s hard work and efforts were shown throughout the whole show. He was the best host the Ipswich audience could imagine.  

We all laughed hard listening to Boothby’s short and witty songs, and saying that Maureen’s dating stories were funny is an understatement.  

Mike brilliantly finished the night with stories from his son’s nursery and shared with us his views on getting older. 

The room was full, the comedians were funny, and the audience had the time of their lives - what more do you need to have a successful show? 

During the show, Omid said that a comedian is as good as his audience, and I can agree with him. 

Just look at the standing ovation.

I, as probably many others, cannot wait for the next shows, and I would like to congratulate Omid for bringing us an experience of comedy that we hopefully will be able to enjoy every month. 

If you crave more, Omid is also organising an evening of entertainment with Seann Walsh, Paul Chowdhry, Sounds of Solidarity, and The Turbans on June 17. 

This special show at the Ipswich Regent will support the people of Turkey and Syria who lost their families and homes in the recent earthquake. 

If you would like to do a good deed and at the same time have an amazing time, book your tickets before they are gone!