A bakery owner has said he is worried about the future of his long-running business as energy bills are pricing him out of a livelihood.

The Bakery in Felixstowe faces closure as its energy bills have gone from £800 per month to £6,500.

Last year, owner Andy Cole needed to renew his energy contract and signed a new deal after being quoted between 40 and 80 pence per unit.

Without realised, he had been tied into a three-year contract, with prices not altering, charging him for the original tariff he was quoted when all energy bills were at their highest.

Ipswich Star: The Bakery in Felixstowe. Credit: Google MapsThe Bakery in Felixstowe. Credit: Google Maps (Image: Google Maps)

Mr Cole, who has been running The Bakery on Hamilton Road for 12 years, has said that if the energy prices don't come down soon, he will be forced to close.

This would then put their livelihoods at risk, as their source of income as a family is through the bakery, and put their eight staff out of work.

He said: "I can't see how much longer this can continue.

"If I lose money, that is my wages, which means I haven't got the money to pay my mortgage.

"It's not just me, any small business that renewed their energy will be in the same position as me.

"If I want to get an energy quote today they would charge me 20 pence per unit, but last year, it was between 40 and 80 pence, which is just not doable."

The Bakery has been a mainstay in Felixstowe for more than a decade and has formed a strong community along Hamilton Road.

They also did a home delivery service through Covid, hiring someone to specifically deliver, not charging customers more for the luxury.