A woman from Trimley is hoping that she can be reunited with her two missing parrots with the help of the community and bird song. 

Helen Beresford was devastated when four of her parrots made a break for freedom three weeks ago. Ms Beresford lives on Trimley High Road, close to the village green where a Christmas tree is displayed each year. 

Fortunately, Halo and Hydra have since been recovered, but Merlin and Astra are still missing.  

Merlin is dark green in colour with dark red tail feathers, while Astra is light green, with yellow and red plumage on her torso and light red tail feathers. Both birds wear leg bands with Ms Beresford’s phone number. 

Ms Beresford has still not given up hope of being reunited with her parrots. Thanks to people alerting her via Facebook, she did manage to recapture Hydra and Halo after a few days. 

If anyone sees the parrots, Ms Beresford said that the easiest way to catch them is to lead the birds into their home.

To do this, she suggests using a mobile phone to play the birdsong of green-cheeked conures. This will encourage the birds to follow. 

However, she said that she appreciates that some may be afraid of birds and will not be comfortable having them inside their homes.  

She asks that anyone who sees Astra or Merlin calls her on 07961 290489.