Dotted around Suffolk are pipes that certainly would have kicked up a stink at one point. 

Vertical, lamppost-like structures with vents at the top can be seen across Suffolk, but many never choose to give them a second look. 

Stinkpipes look very similar to your every day lamppost, but their uses could not be further apart. 

Ipswich Star: Several stink pipes were recently spotted by Rhoda MilesSeveral stink pipes were recently spotted by Rhoda Miles (Image: Rhoda Miles)Felixstowe and Walton are home to a number of them, with most of the originating from the Victoria times. 

The stink pipes were designed to release gases from sewers below ground. 

Cast iron structures, some of which were 10 metres in height, were placed above pipe routes and were tall enough to people from breathing in the fumes. 

Following advancements in technology, most of the pipes in Suffolk were discontinued last century.

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