Police officers turned crocodile hunters after responding to a report that a crocodile had been seen in a Suffolk river.

Suffolk Police made a snappy arrival on the scene in a wooded area in Foxhall, near Ipswich, yesterday morning after someone reported spotting a baby crocodile in a small stream.

While police arrived with specialist gear for some crocodile wrestling, officers were relieved to discover that the baby crocodile was, in fact, a plastic toy.

Ipswich Star: It turns out that the croc was a toyIt turns out that the croc was a toy (Image: Ipswich Police)

Ipswich police posted about the incident on their Twitter, saying: "Unusual incident came in yesterday am - report of a baby crocodile in the Foxhall area! Officers made a snappy arrival expecting some crocodile wrestling... but it turned out to be a false alarm this time (phew!). Plastic croc has now been removed from the stream..."

Neither the toy crocodile nor the police officers were harmed in the incident.