A further hearing is to take place after magistrates extended an interim gang injunction order against a 17-year-old.

Suffolk Constabulary today made an application at Suffolk Magistrates Court for an extension of a temporary Gang Injunction against a youth.

The 17-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons and is under local authority care, was previously subject to an Interim Gang Injunction made by local magistrates in April, but this was set to run out on Thursday, August 3.

The interim order included a geographical exclusion, a ban on the youth associating with named individuals and a prohibition from encouraging violence and drug dealing.

It also restricted the youth to being in possession of a limited amount of cash as well as one phone and one SIM.

The teen's appeal against the interim injunction was dismissed at Ipswich Crown Court on Monday, July 31.

Based on police evidence, Judge Martyn Levett was satisfied that the youth had strong connections to a drug syndicate and that they had control over the gang-related drug line which uses exploited runners.

Ipswich Star: Judge Martyn Levett is the resident judge at Ipswich Crown Court.Judge Martyn Levett is the resident judge at Ipswich Crown Court.

Suffolk Magistrates Court heard that the youth intends to comply with the "already onerous" conditions of the injunction, but one element was contested by their counsel who said the continuing power of arrest was "neither proportionate nor necessary".

It was alleged that previous arrests made by Suffolk police were not "done with the safeguarding interests of [the youth] at heart".

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The court heard eight police officers allegedly surrounded the 17-year-old's residence at 3am, arrested them and strip searched them at the police station without an appropriate adult present.

It was also alleged that, when it came to police officers on ground level, they were "not playing this case with a straight bat."

The court also heard added that a purported racist comment towards the youth was also made by an officer and a formal complaint is being made against the constabularies involved.

Now the interim order has been extended, Suffolk police's application for a full gang injunction will be heard in September.