Did you live in Suffolk during the 1970s? 

If you did then you might have done these five things, which you can't do in Suffolk anymore.

1. Swim in the outdoor pool in Belle Vue

Ipswich Star: Belle Vue House lies next to the old swimming poolBelle Vue House lies next to the old swimming pool (Image: Sarah Lucy Brown)

The pool in Sudbury first opened in 1939 and replaced the Old Bathing Place. 

It closed and was filled with concrete in 1985.

2. Watch stock car racing in Peasenhall 

Peasenhall Motor Club ran races on the track on the field next to the football pitch.

No signs of the track remain today.

3. Swim in the Stowmarket outdoor pool

Ipswich Star: The open air pool in Stowmarket in 1981The open air pool in Stowmarket in 1981 (Image: Newsquest)

The pool opened in 1933, with water depth ranging from 3ft to just over 9ft.

It was open from May to September and closed in 1985. 

4. Fly from Ipswich Airport

Ipswich Star: Parachutists at Ipswich Airport in 1979Parachutists at Ipswich Airport in 1979 (Image: John Kerr, Newsquest)

Ipswich Airport opened in the 1930s, and was open for almost 60 years.

It was even used for military purposes.

The Ravenswood housing estate is now on the land.

5. Swim at Broomhill Lido

Another pool on the list - the outdoor pool at Broomhill in Ipswich was a hit during the warm weather. 

The pool closed in 2002 and despite its popularity with those who grew up in Ipswich, it is yet to reopen.