It was once one of Ipswich's busiest destinations with a remarkable war-fighting history - but do you remember the town's airport?

The airport first opened in 1928 and was Ipswich's gateway to the world. 

It even had a daily flight to Clacton in 1938 which took around 15 minutes and even welcomed royal passengers and celebrities. 

Ipswich Star: Queen Elizabeth II at the Ipswich Airport in 1977Queen Elizabeth II at the Ipswich Airport in 1977 (Image: Newsquest)

Suckling Airways also ran services to Amsterdam and Manchester. 

The idea for the airport was first put forward by the Air Ministry in October 1928, when it said "every town of importance would have an airport just like it had roads and a railway station".

Ipswich Star: Ipswich AirportIpswich Airport (Image: Newsquest)

It also became an airbase with Spitfires and Blenheim Bombers during the war. 

The decision to close Ipswich Airport in 1996 sparked a huge public outcry, with demonstrations, public meetings and "save the airport" posters plastered across the town.