The 1980s was known for its music and its mullets but nowadays there is less of the 80s present in our towns.

Here are five things you want to bring back from 1980s Ipswich.

1. Broomhill Swimming Pool

In the 80s, the swimming pool at Broomhill saw as many as 2000 swimmers a day.

Ipswich Star: Swimmers at Broomhill Pool in 1987Swimmers at Broomhill Pool in 1987 (Image: Archant)

A lack of investment and a reduction in the opening hours meant the pool closed in 2002.

A long running campaign is determined to bring the pool back with a recent meeting of Ipswich Borough Council showing optimism the project could be restarted after inflation caused work costs to rocket. 

2. The First Floor Club

This club was above the street level in Tacket Street, and was the premier nightspot in the 1980s. 

The venue hosted a wide variety of events including live music, comedy shows and even beauty contests. 

When the owner sold the club it became Fire and Ice, which then closed in 2010

3. Hollywoods

The nightclub opened in 1988 in Princes Street close to the railway station.

Ipswich Star: Matlings offices are now where Hollywoods used to beMatlings offices are now where Hollywoods used to be (Image: Google)

Queues to get in often trailed back over the bridge. 

It rebranded as Kartouche, Zest and Malthouse live music venue before closing in the 2010s.

4. C&A

C&A was a fashion chain store which opened at the start of the 1970s on Upper Brook Street.

The Ipswich store closed its doors for the final time in 2001.

You can still find C&A stores in countries such as Germany and France 

5. Woolworths

Woolworths opened in Carr Street in 1923.

Ipswich Star: Woolworths was also known as WooliesWoolworths was also known as Woolies (Image: Sarah Lucy Brown)

In the 1980s the shop stopped selling food, and the lower floor in Ipswich kept closing and reopening.

The store closed in December 2008.