A 53-year-old woman has spoken of her joy at being able to walk rather than use an electric wheelchair after losing 10 stone.

Lydia Lay from Stowmarket weighed close to 24 stone before starting a weight loss journey.

Her dress size was a 38, and she needed an electric wheelchair to get from the car to her group.

Now, she has lost 10 stone, two pounds, and says she feels more settled in her skin and "feels amazing". 

She now wears a dress size 16, and can walk to her group with the help of a stick.

Ipswich Star: Lydia in her electric wheelchair before her weight lossLydia in her electric wheelchair before her weight loss (Image: Submitted)

Before wanting to lose weight, she would eat junk food, fast food, chocolate, crisps and frozen pizzas, often eating in secret, hiding wrappers as she felt ashamed about her lack of self-control.

The Slimming World member said: "I often think, what do I want more, the temporary taste of this chocolate bar which afterwards I will feel miserable about, or the pride I will feel in saying no.

"I feel better, I have more energy, I feel better inside, I am more settled and my skin feels amazing.

"The way I feel now, out ways the way I used to feel.

Ipswich Star: Lydia Lay (right) with Kelly Cooper.Lydia Lay (right) with Kelly Cooper. (Image: Submitted)

"I used to hang my head in shame because of the way I felt about myself, but now, my self-esteem has grown and I can hold my head high."

Kelly Cooper, her Slimming World advisor, said: "I am so proud of Lydia and what she has achieved.

"Her sheer courage and determination is infectious and over time Lydia has let go of those old habits.

"When Lydia joined, she knew she wanted to achieve a 10 stone target, but shared that she knew that was not achievable and she would never do it.

"With the support of the group, I told her you will reach that 10 stone target."

Ipswich Star: Kelly Cooper with LydiaKelly Cooper with Lydia (Image: Submitted)