We tried five different food establishments at the Felixstowe Food Festival to review – and we were most certainly not left hungry.

The Felixstowe Food Festival returned to Beach Street once again for what was the "best food festival" since the owners started hosting them.

Thousands attended the two-day event, including myself and our photographer, Charlotte Bond.

When we arrived, we were immediately hit by the smell. It was amazing.

We decided we would do one main meal each, one drink each, one dessert each and share a chip bucket.

Ipswich Star: The Bar Rumba owners.The Bar Rumba owners. (Image: Charlotte Bond)

Our first stop was for a drink at Bar Rumba Events, a Sudbury-based bar that travels to cover events in Suffolk and Essex.

Since it was midday on a Friday, and we had both driven to Felixstowe, we went for a mocktail each.

I went for a blue lagoon, which was a mix of blue syrup, lemonade and pineapple juice. It was nice – the effect when you stirred the drink was cool with the syrup mixing with the juice. However, it did turn out more as a 'green' lagoon.

Ipswich Star: The Blue Lagoon and the Passion Fruit mocktailThe Blue Lagoon and the Passion Fruit mocktail (Image: Charlotte Bond)

My colleague went for the passion fruit mocktail, which came presented with edible pink petals on top. 

She described the drink as a nice take on the classic pornstar martini, and it was very summery.

The price, however, was rather on the steep side for what it was. We paid £4.50 each, and we were expecting the cups to be bigger than they were, but I guess that's festival prices... and this will be a running theme throughout the review.

The service was lovely though, and we were given our drinks really quickly.

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Ipswich Star: The Yorkshire pudding wrap, filled with carrot, green beans, stuffing, beef and gravyThe Yorkshire pudding wrap, filled with carrot, green beans, stuffing, beef and gravy (Image: Tom Cann)

Moving on to the main, I had a Yorkshire pudding wrap from Gourmet Yorkshire Wraps.

I went for the roast beef and horseradish one, which was also filled with sage and onion stuffing, carrots, green beans, roast potatoes and gravy.

It was really nice. If you like a roast dinner, these wraps were excellent. They might just about be the messiest thing I have eaten in a long time though, so definitely get lots of napkins.

Ipswich Star: The Gourmet Yorkshire WrapsThe Gourmet Yorkshire Wraps (Image: Charlotte Bond)

The beef was a little on the tougher side though.

For £8, at a food festival, I thought the price wasn't outrageous, and the service was quick and friendly.

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My colleague went to Salt and Pepper and got a £12 chicken box, which came with crispy chicken, teriyaki sauce, noodles, rice, chips and slaw.

Ipswich Star: The Chicken box from Salt & PepperThe Chicken box from Salt & Pepper (Image: Charlotte Bond)

Ipswich Star: The chicken box being createdThe chicken box being created (Image: Charlotte Bond)

She said it was very colourful and well presented, and she was left very full, rating it a 7/10, thinking there could have been a bit more chicken for the price.

We then shared a chip bucket from The Bucket List, a north Norfolk company operating in Hunstanton and Cromer.

We got the BBQ, mozzarella and aioli sauce bucket, which was £8.50.

Ipswich Star: The chip bucket with bbq sauce, aioli sauce, mozzarella and crispy onionsThe chip bucket with bbq sauce, aioli sauce, mozzarella and crispy onions (Image: Charlotte Bond)

Chips were absolutely loaded into the bucket, and the amount of toppings was great.

We both really enjoyed it and thought it was our favourite dish we tried. It's a large portion so I wouldn't get one on your own.

For £8.50, I thought it was an okay price tag, given it was a festival and the quantity we were given.

Ipswich Star: The chip bucket from The Bucket ListThe chip bucket from The Bucket List (Image: Charlotte Bond)

To finish, we thought we would get a chocolate bar each from a company based in Maldon called Temprd.

It had a big selection on offer for people to buy, with small bars, large bars and gift boxes available.

I got the honeycomb and popping candy small bar, and Charlotte got the sea salt and caramel small bar.

Ipswich Star: The bars we bought to try from the Maldon based companyThe bars we bought to try from the Maldon based company (Image: Charlotte Bond)

It was okay chocolate – the bars were very thick – but at £3.95 per small bar, we thought it was a little on the expensive side.

The atmosphere was great, the smell was great, the toilets and facilities were clean and the event staff kept the area tidy.

A very good event, with food that didn't disappoint.

Ipswich Star: The food festival was well attended with thousands visiting over the two daysThe food festival was well attended with thousands visiting over the two days (Image: Charlotte Bond)

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