Incredible cloud formations were spotted above Suffolk in the midst of stormy weather on Monday. 

Large parts of the county saw huge thunderstorms and torrential downpours, with a yellow weather alert put in place warning people of potential dangers at about 5pm. 

Budding photographers noticed intriguing cloud formations during the eye of the storm.

Ipswich Star: This image was snapped above Rushmere St AndrewThis image was snapped above Rushmere St Andrew (Image: Rubbish Walks)

Ipswich Star: They were also seen above IpswichThey were also seen above Ipswich (Image: Emma Lou)

The formations were seen above Rushmere St Andrew, Stowmarket, Ipswich and Woodbridge. 

A spokesman for the Met Office said they are likely to be Arcus Clouds.

Ipswich Star: Formations were also seen over StowmarketFormations were also seen over Stowmarket (Image: Deividas Sergejenko)