After more than 12 months of work, deep excavation and a trip on the Eurotunnel, Suffolk's newest arrival will be able to cool off in deep cold water in Europe's largest polar bear reserve. 

Ewa - pronounced Eva in Swedish - the polar bear arrived at Jimmy's Farm in Wherstead last week after a rehoming project that took almost a year to complete. 

In a project that saw multiple international teams and experts come together to bring her to Suffolk, via a trip on the Eurotunnel, Ewa has been settling into her specially created facility. 

Ipswich Star: Ewa enjoying a swim in one of the new lakes Ewa enjoying a swim in one of the new lakes (Image: Charlotte Bond)

Questions have been raised regarding how Ewa will cope in her new environment, but the team at Jimmy's Farm has gone to great lengths to make sure they have a 'world class facility'. 

"One thing we have done is to create these large pools - these deep pools which maintain very cold temperatures and are regulated," said TV presenter and park owner Jimmy Doherty. 

"If they feel a bit hot they can swim right down deep - eight metres plus - to cool themselves off. 

Ipswich Star: Ewa enjoying a dip at her new home in SuffolkEwa enjoying a dip at her new home in Suffolk (Image: Charlotte Bond)

"We will throw food in there that sinks so they go down and hunt because they have an amazing sense of smell. We also have an indoor house that they go into, which is lovely and cool for them."

The enclosures also contain dens for Ewa, as well as the Arctic wolves, foxes and reindeer, to play in, and an area of woodland to relax in the shade in warmer temperatures. 

Ipswich Star: Ewa shaking off after her swimEwa shaking off after her swim (Image: Charlotte Bond)

Rescuing a polar bear from Orsa Predator Park in Sweden, which was forced to close, was not the only rehoming project undertaken. 

The pack of 13 Arctic wolves rehomed from Cumbria Wildlife Park had to be moved together, rather than individually. 

Mr Doherty added: “That was an unbelievable thing to try to do because you have got to move them as a pack.

Ipswich Star: Her enclosure has been specially created for herHer enclosure has been specially created for her (Image: Charlotte Bond)

"They have a certain hierarchy – the top breeding pair, and then a pack mentality. If you transport them a week apart you can change that dynamic. No one has ever moved a pack of wolves that size before, so that was amazing."

The park's effort continues to try and rescue Diego, a brown bear, with a crowdfunder campaign recently launched.