Plans are being made for a new waste development site in Great Blakenham.

A planning application has been made to Suffolk County Council for a pyrolysis facility in Bramford Road, near Ipswich, received on Friday.

The application was made by Hygreen Energy Limited for a 3.3-acre site next to Masons landfill, not far from the Sackers waste management centre in the village.

The company uses a pure pyrolysis process, in which there is no combustion or burning, producing a gas stream and solid residual char.

The process would use electricity to create heat, and would not produce any emissions, according to the application documents.

The facility would convert solid recovered fuel and sustainable biomass to produce electricity, hydrogen, and other materials.

If approved, the plans would involve the complete redevelopment of the site, including a new building containing all primary production processes in the centre of the site, vehicle access and turning and manoeuvring space, storage and production facilities, and the new site boundaries including security fencing.

It is expected that the site would process around 24,000 tonnes a year, and use or store 1.9 tonnes of hydrogen.

The site, the former Masons Quarry, is currently used for the storage of skips and vehicles.

The development would involve the construction of 13 new car parking spaces, two for HGVs, and 10 cycle spaces, and would create the equivalent of 18 new full-time jobs, including site operatives, office and laboratory staff working in shift patterns.