An Ipswich music venue has been granted a new premises licence, which opens up more possibilities to host events, gigs and third-party hires, adding to the night-time economy.

Ipswich Borough Council has granted a new premises licence to St Stephen's Church and Sounds East CIC, the team behind the Brighten the Corners festival.

With this premises licence, the venue has the ability to remain open and serve late-night refreshments and alcohol until 2am on some days, with this option being taken up for special occasions and events.

The venue has also announced that it will be offering third-party hires for the venue.

Ipswich Star: St Stephen's Church in IpswichSt Stephen's Church in Ipswich (Image: Charlotte Bond)

Plans are also underway to open Ipswich-based Hex Record shop and a coffee shop within the premises later in the year.

Joe Bailey, CEO of Sounds East CIC, said: "We are really excited to have the licence confirmed, and we have worked closely with the police, licencing team, and environmental health to ensure we are able to successfully operate in a busy town centre space.

"For us, having a licence at St Stephen's Church opens up more possibilities for gigs, daytime events, and the ability to work with hires and promoters.

"We're really excited to move forward and help further enrich the night-time economy in the town through arts and culture."

Ipswich Star: Joe Bailey, CEO of Sounds East CIC and Cllr Colin KriedewolfJoe Bailey, CEO of Sounds East CIC and Cllr Colin Kriedewolf (Image: Aby Fossett)

Ipswich borough councillor Colin Kriedewolf said: "It's great news that Sounds East can provide full bar services to their clientele.

"St Stephen's is fast becoming a go to venue on the Ipswich night-time scene and has already hosted a number of excellent events. 

"It is an exciting venue that is well worth a visit."

St Stephen's Church is currently being used as the box office hub for the SPILL festival in Ipswich, which started on Friday in the town.

Ipswich Star: The church has been a successful music venueThe church has been a successful music venue (Image: Sounds East CIC)