An academy in Ipswich has applied to install more electric vehicle charging points, which would be powered by solar panels.

Westbourne Academy, situated in the north west of Ipswich, has submitted plans to Ipswich Borough Council for 20 two-car solar panel canopies to be installed within the school car park.

This would provide 40 7kW electric vehicle charging points, which can fully charge a vehicle between four and eight hours.

The school has done this as they have seen an increasing demand from staff and visitors for these facilities.

It has teamed up with Grid 2, which will create the solar-powered canopies, and which has already secured permission to install 122 electric charging points at other schools.

The canopies would not reduce the operational capacity of the car park, with non-electric vehicles still able to park in the spaces.

The application states that the proposal would "fully align with government policy aimed at encouraging the use of alternative forms of EV charging infrastructure".