Environment Secretary Therese Coffey wasn't seen in her Suffolk Coastal constituency - or anywhere else in Suffolk - as Storm Babet caused millions of pounds of damage.

But she did turn up in Nottinghamshire hearing about flooding in Retford - part of the "Red Wall" seat of Bassetlaw - that the Conservatives snatched from Labour at the last general election.

Dr Coffey's seat is only a few miles from the area of Suffolk worst affected by the floods.

And as Environment Secretary she is responsible for flood protection across England - but there is still no word on when she is likely to visit the Suffolk communities just a few miles from her constituency that were badly affected by flooding.

We asked her constituency office whether she had plans to visit them when she was in her constituency - but was told that was a matter for the Department for the Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

When we called DEFRA on Monday we were told they would come back to us as soon as possible - but late Tuesday there had been no response.

Dr Coffey's office did put out a press release about her efforts to ensure a legal wrangle over Potter's Bridge at Southwold is overcome - complete with a picture of her looking determined to sort out the problem.

She said:  "I'm pleased that the Environment Agency has now obtained a Magistrates Court Warrant to access private land close to Easton Broad, to help relieve flooding on the B1127 at Potters Bridge. 

"I’ve met and pressed the case with the Environment Agency on multiple occasions to expedite a solution on this including encouraging them to use the powers available under the Water Resources Act. So, I’m glad action will now be taken. 

"Access to the site, which had previously been denied by the landowner, will enable the Environment Agency to reinstate the drainage channel to stabilise water levels.

"According to them periodic storm surges or heavy rainfall will still create some flooding on the B1127, but the duration of any event should be significantly reduced with effective outfall to the sea."

When we checked whether the picture was taken over the weekend, we were told it was actually taken in November 2021.

Meanwhile residents a few miles from her constituency are cleaning up their homes and waiting to hear what help they can expect from the government.