The government is drawing up plans to help victims of Storm Babet with financial help to rebuild their homes, a Suffolk MP has been told.

Central Suffolk and North Ipswich MP Dr Dan Poulter brought up the plight of residents of communities like Debenham, Framlingham and Wickham Market during Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday.

Rishi Sunak told him that the government would be offering £500 to each household affected and support for businesses trying to get on their feet after the flooding.

Mr Sunak said: "Flooding is a devastating experience and my sympathies go out to everyone involved particularly to those in his own constituency. 

"And I am pleased to say that is why I am able to say that through the flood recovery framework we are confirming additional household support to those households and businesses most affected.

"This will include a £500 grant to households, council tax discounts and business rate relief of up to 100% for three months.

"Small and medium sized firms will also be eligible for a £2,500 business recovery grant and up to £5,000 grants to flooded homes to make them more resilient to future flooding.

"We recognise the heroic efforts of local councils like his and emergency responders everywhere who worked tirelessly in affected areas and they have our thanks.

"We are willing to listen to any requests for support from councils in their recovery efforts."

Speaking after the announcement Dr Poulter said he was delighted that the prime minister had recognised the seriousness of the crisis faced by his constituents.

Ipswich Star: Dan Poulter spent the weekend visiting constituents who had suffered from flooding.Dan Poulter spent the weekend visiting constituents who had suffered from flooding. (Image: Dan Poulter)

He said: "In places like Debenham and Framlingham this was a once in 100 years event - and I am very glad the Prime Minister recognised that.

"I was very pleased with what the Prime Minister said about the help that was on offer - and also that he recognised the great efforts that a lot of people went to during the flooding."

Dr Poulter was not on the original list to ask questions on Wednesday, but his name was added at the end of the session after he contacted Number 10 about the problems in his constituency - and in other parts of the country.

He said the Prime Minister had been keen to make it clear what help would be available for people across the country whose homes or businesses had been devastated by the floods.