Strong winds and heavy rainfall are expected to hit Suffolk. 

The Met Office has said that for the most part Saturday should be a dry and sunny day. 

However, in the evening the weather is expected to turn with heavy and thundery showers forecast as well as strong winds. 

Coastal areas are expected to be hit by stronger winds, the Met Office has said. 

It comes after the county was battered by strong winds and torrential downpours during Storm Babet last week

major incident was declared on Friday after Storm Babet sweeped through the county with heavy rain causing severe flooding across Suffolk. 

As a result of the storm more than 200 homes were left badly damaged by flood water

Leader of Suffolk County Council Matthew Hicks said: "It is absolutely key that all residents who suffered flood damage report the incident.

“I understand that the pressures of finding somewhere to live or work, or stripping out damaged belongings may have dominated people’s lives since Friday, but I would urge them to take the time in fill in a flood report online.

“We know that this financial support is urgently needed, and we will do everything in our power to get it out to home and business owners as soon as possible.”

Residents are being asked to report any flooding to Suffolk County Council on its website.