Incredible aerial shots have captured the moment a huge abnormal load was transported through parts of Ipswich. 

Ashley Pickering managed to photograph the moment the wide load was manoeuvred through the streets of the town. 

Ipswich Star: The abnormal load being transported through IpswichThe abnormal load being transported through Ipswich (Image: Ashley Pickering/Anglia Picture Agency)

It is the second of three abnormal loads that is being transported through the county. 

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The turbine is the largest of all three loads that will be transported, weighing around 332 tonnes and is 5.20m in width and 10.93m in length. 

The entire load, including the cradle that carries the turbine, has a total weight of 504 tonnes and measures 80m in length.

It left Ipswich Docks at around 7am on Sunday as it made its way to Eye Airfield.