An Ipswich mum and councillor has expressed her concerns about “alarming” sex and gender ideas being taught to children as young as nine in schools.

Cllr Sam Murray, who is a mum-of-two, has voiced “deep concerns” that young children are being taught about oral and anal sex and gender identity. 

The Castle Hill councillor said "urgent intervention" was needed in her criticism of the sex education curriculum.

One area she was critical of was the use of the genderbread person, which is a diagram which explains identity, attraction, expression and biological sex. 

Cllr Murray said: "It pushes an ideology that gender is based on what you are feeling. Teenagers can be confused about how they're feeling. We have got to be so careful with children."

The councillor added that while parents can opt out of sex education for their children, that does not protect them outside the classroom. 

She said: “I opted out of sex education for my children but my children get confused by what other children say."

She said she felt she had to re-educate her children "based on fact because they are not being taught responsibly in school".

A Government spokesperson said: “We’ve been repeatedly clear about the importance of biological sex and that contested views should not be taught as fact.

“Schools should prioritise the safeguarding and wellbeing of all children and always involve parents in decisions relating to their child.

“Following reports of inappropriate materials being used to teach relationships and sex education, the government has already brought forward an urgent review of the curriculum and is looking at introducing age ratings to make sure teaching materials are appropriate.”